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Originally Posted by andmoon
Never. Does it feel the same as doing the wrong girl?
Originally Posted by concours
is there such a thing?
* When on the set of an adult movie shoot. (though that has fairly high comedy potential...)
* When the right one walks in on you, and isn't inclined to join you two. (this however, does not...)

I'm still on the fence whether my '94 R1100RS is a mistake.
Bad: 178,000 miles
Good: Absolutely *immaculate* maintenance records (I spent 3 hours entering 285 individual records into Excel) - to include tire changes, and how many miles each set of tires was worth.
Bad: Heavy for a 'starter bike'
Good: Exceptionally smooth power band - no "6500 RPM Surprises" for the newbie rider.
Bad: The second's owner loaned the pristine bike to his nephew (always a brilliant idea, right?), and the nephew crashed and busted up the front plastics, the headlight glass, 3 ribs and a spleen.
Good: $1500 for a smooth running bike with a 'typical wear' value of $4500-6000.

Is it a mistake? Or do I just want something different, like a VFR or F650GS? Hard for me to tell.
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