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Originally Posted by Bill J. from Austin
So, I'm guessin' the books won't be out in time for Christmas gifting, eh? Would still love to see 'em at some point. These photos are just too much fun!!!
the photos ARE amazing. reiterated by the thousands that have said so.. makes me happy to be rider first and foremost. the only bike I had was harley, and decided to take it to panama and back....should have seen the looks and comments I got....crazy! ridiculous! will never make it! just a bit of what I heard. very cool to see these guys smash those myths. i think it's totally about what the rider has inside of them. it's surprising what people can do when they set their mind.

I also just saw "the long way around" and I think that some of that determination was in those guys, especially after their dissapointment with ktm. anyway, just had to comment on those photos. they are very cool, and yes, I saved some to my laptop.

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