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The rest of the story...Friday the 13th

So there we wuz, Eggy and I, battling through the last remnants of Tropical Storm Ida. Well, it sounds more impressive than "riding in the rain & gusts for hours..."

With Veterans Day just 2 days ago, I was seriously tempted to take the tag to Arlington Cemetary, but the timing would've put me smack into DC rush hour, all the way across the city. No thanks. Plus, my point was to pitch a softball for somebody to help Mr. Egg go south for the winter. Arlington would not be an easy place to just pop into.

So for all you northerners heading south, Mr. Egg is very close to I-95, between Baltimore and DC. Get off at Maryland Route 32 and have the GPS set for Bob's BMW dealership. Here's the location, hours, etc:

Pulling into the dealer, PBHarvey from the Maryland game came over and introduced himself while we were in the parking lot. Mr. Goose from the Maryland game was also there. Cool to meet you guys.

PB and I got to meet Bob. Bob is enthusiastically into supporting motorcycle games like this and charities. Here's a plug: Check the Bob's web-site for tomorrow (Saturday) when he is throwing the store open for a charity auction event to support the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation from 7-10pm. Bob is putting his money into what he believes and it should be a fun event!

Anyway, I'm the Bob on the left, Bob of "Bob's" is in the middle with the egg, and PBHarvey's on the right:

Again, the reason for putting the egg at Bob's is because it's such a well-known dealer among the long distance riders. The egg is now in the plants by Bob's sign. Get a photo of your bike anywhere in relation to the sign and you're good for the tag shot, you don't need to be where my FJR sits.

The black bag with the egg is where I'm pointing.

So there it sits, waiting. If you pick it up during business hours, it'll be worth it to let the good folks inside know and Bob even offered the use of a vibra-scriber.

Enjoy the ride, folks!
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