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Snow around 2008 feet elevation.

I'd like to point out I was the one who road off the outside of a corner first. I just happened to choose a better spot. Though WB-Pdx chose some nice logs to stop his trip down the hillside.

Just when you thought I didn't get the picture before we pulled the bike out...

I also low-sided with grace after choosing the wrong line for my speed through a mud section. My (borrowed) XT600 suffered no damage until I dropped it over the side stand while parking on an incline. I bent the bars and broke a mirror. Oh well, we had a blast and made it out.

Wade, I hope you're not too sore tomorrow.

"Real life is a vague memory we are day forgetin, mile eatin, heart breakin, scenery seein, bug eatin drifters fo sho now." - vermin
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