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Originally Posted by icebergstu
Yeah mate, I will win Erzberg on the 630 for ya! Because Erz is just what a 630 is built for eh! Its a lightweight competition bike not a dual sport!

I happy you like your 610, and that you can beat 450 and 300 2T bikes on it. Were those dual sport 300 2ts?

Anyway If you think adding 30lbs. when redesigning an alredy heavy bike is good, well I dunno. . . . guess this is adventure rider.

I think it's sad that Husky has reduced the bike that put competition four strokes back on the map to a 330 pound pig. Anyone here remember Jacky Martens, 1993? Of course not this is adventure rider, silly me.

I have a 2000 TE 610 kicker, which was 259lbs. dry as tested by Cycle World in May 2000 and an '05 estart Berg 650 which weighed 251 dry as tested by Dirt Bike. The Berg is a competition machine, the 610 was a competition bike but detuned to trail bike status, but still pretty light, and reliable.

There's no reason a big bore reliable dual sport has to weigh 330 lbs. and dual exhaust is just more weight, but to street guys I guess weight is a plus.

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