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Originally Posted by Ladybug0048
Didn't go to another country but I did put things in storage and spent 6 months on my bike and living in a tent. Biggest expense was fuel. Camped most of the time in cheap/free camp areas and cooked in camp. It was a great experience. I was younger when I did that but plan to do it again when I retire.
You're obviously a self sufficient type of gal, and have ballettes...

What's interesting is that this is still apealing to you, and captured in your mind.

In response to the OP: It's all about attitude. A person can operate within almost any size budget, if they're willing. The willingness and motivation are the keys to success or disappointment. Dare you not be inconvenienced...

If you do decide to go 'fart around' for an extended time, by whatever means, you will become a different person. You will have stepped out of the designated line. Some hear warning sirens, while others hear flutes, trumpets, and maybe other unusual sounds, too...

Best of luck to you, regardless.
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