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I have a friend who chucked it all instead of going to college and moved to the tropics (pacific), lived on a big island that may or may not have been a US state, and made a living selling various chemical compounds contained in plant matter to tourists.
He did fine and LOVED life there. Beautiful women, weather, and scenery.

I have another friend who chucked it all and went to live on an island in Indonesia. He wove hemp items for people like bags and such. He worked about 10 hours a week and spent the rest of the time surfing and hiking.
He makes about 5 bucks a week and has money to spare after eating and such.

Yet another moved to Costa Rica to be a teacher. She loves it and it's very inexpensive to live there.

A guy that's good with his wrenches and knows his way around a two stroker can do very well in getaway locations working on scooters. I'm planning on doing something similar when I take off in the near future.
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