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Sorry about not hooking up with you guys.....the notice this morning was a bit ummmmm shall we say short...

My buddy Ken and I made plans late yesterday after not hearing from anyone on here.

We ventured up to browns camp to find some trails......and boy did we. Turns out that there is some pretty gnarly stuff up there in the snow and mud!!! There was snow at rogers camp and it just got deeper the farther up the mountain you went.

We made it up a few things that neither of us had bargained for and just about the end of the day, a nasty rut got the best of me.....funny part was that it was in the middle of a nasty foot deep lake of water. So the bike is on its side in the puddle running, and I have succeeded in filling my boot with snow/mud/water concoction. I hopped off and got the bike back on its feet and is all I could do was laugh. Good times......we gotta hook up with you guys soon and share some of our trails..

Sorry it wasnt this time!!!

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