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Originally Posted by RedPower
Got it!!
12 Whittier Place Swarthmore PA.

This was in a couple of different languages on the post next to the house

Boy it's been a while since I've seen this Egg. It only had one tatoo
Now it's such an INK Junkie there isn't alot of room for too many more.
Egg's got an appointment for some more ink
I would like to move the Egg another state north & hope to reunite the Egg with one of it's old friend's little sister
Will try before Friday. If not, before the end of the weekend

Also there was a few treats in the pouch.
THANKS! I didn't need them though...was warm & no mechanicals
I don't know when or who left them? but I'll be leaving them with the Egg.
Way to go Vince, godspeed moving the egg north...
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