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Originally Posted by dlrides
Great job on the project !

I have found that trying to do at least one item every day helps keep it moving, even if it is a 10 minute job.

Keep the build photos coming !
Ya know having moved the project into my house (where its warm) vs at my parents has really helped move this along.

I have been trying to bring something to work every day to clean up on the wire wheel here (bench top grinder ie free to use)

Its been getting kinda... I dont know boring working on this lattely as all I have been doing is disasembling and cleaning. Dosn't really feel like I am getting anywhere. So Saturday I cleaned out the rear wheel bearings and re-installed the rear wheel assembly on the swingarm (minus brake shoes) and gave it a spin. It spins so nice now. I really like how the sprocket rotates around the polished drum cover. that just looks cool.

Ya know the coolest part, and ya probably have to be on the rebuilding side of this project to really understand. When I spin the wheel I can actually hear the new Belray greese in the bearings smacking away. I dont know why but that just hits me as cool.

So now every time I walk past the bike I give the wheel a spin (even though the wheel and swingarm have to come off soon) I give a spin anyways and listen to the greese smacking away. It makes me smile knowing that progress is being made. And I continue on to work on some other discusting part of the bike.

More pictures will be up tonight. Parts have started to be painted
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