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we had a couple days to kill, so we went to new york, as they have real good pizza. Plus Polina wanted to do some siteseeing.
Have you ever driven a dodge maxivan with an 8' wide dual axle trailer down 42nd street?
Thats probably because you have more sense than I do.

big assed cemetery in brooklyn. I like brooklyn, its very diverse, & always much fun to walk around.

we went to the empire state building, I'd never been up there after dark, it was cool

while we were in Boston, we visited the Cheers bar. it was pretty Cheezy, actually.

then we went to the port & crawled around on a WW2 destroyer. this one survived 2 kamikazee attacks

I was busy at the other auctions & didnt think to take any pics there. was too crowded anyhow. I did meet a couple goes from ADV tho, they knew who I was from my trip this summer. I'm almost famous.

U-haul on the towtruck, of course it was raining, & we had toi swap the stuff in a muddy parking lot. joy

the dodge is a bit full, I'll start unloading them tomorrow.

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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