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An oil filter of some sort has been on my to do/want list. Yea the lack of oil filter on these bikes is a little un-nerving. Granted they ran for years like that so maybe its not that big of a deal.

What I dont want is some big orange fram oil filter hanging around. I would like something slimer and a little more asteticly pleasing. Havent figured that out yet. Thats like step 623 and Im only on like #36. Ill get there

Oh and I pulled the rear wheel back of last night. Kinda liked it on there. Made it look like

Anyways I pulled the swingarm and center stand off last night. Swing arm came off crazy easy. I expected a battle with the bolt. but it actually had greese on it and slid right out.

The center stand pin was another thing. I had to beat the hell outta that to get it out.

Next up is break out the grinder and start taking off all the tabs that wont be used and.... gasp ... cut off the sub frame in prep for my new ridged rear that will be coming soon.
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