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Originally Posted by Leafster
Aahh. Ok, so I used this fellow's advice. "

Originally Posted by Jeffy
OK, for some reason I can't get it to work. (It worked for the other guy though. Strange.) Couldn't get it to work with my own Picasa BUT I did find a better way to post large images, FULL SIZE without having to reduce them.

When you go to your image on Picasa, on the lower right there is a menu for Link to this Photo and then a thumbnail size. Set the thumbnail size to 800. Then copy the HTML to embed in website. The forum will understand that. Paste that without adding the IMG stuff. It will post a 800 pixel thumbnail that is linked to your larger image on Picasa.
I can't get Picasa to work posting on ADV. I must be missing something.

My Public image
Click Link to this photo
Thumbnail size 800 (tried them all)
Copy and paste Embeded Image in text section (with and without Image Insert)
Preview post and no picture

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