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Originally Posted by demononthebrakes
Ok heres my 2 cents and I am somewhat qualified to offer up these couple of pennies BECAUSE
1. I was a traffic homicide investigator for 12 years in Fla
2. I used to hold a USGA 8 handicap until I gave the fuggin game up and started riding motorcycles
3. I beat Payne Stewart in a 9 hole putting contest many years ago at a private country club in Fla that I worked at and he was the club's PGA pro. LOL
The latest report is that Tiger was LEAVING his home in the wee hours of the morning.
Lets all understand that yours, mine/our driveways are NOT like Tigers ie: his is probably 3 times as long as a normal rich persons is.
The significance there is that the operator trying to leave same can (if desired ) build up a fair bit of speed while leaving.
The media is now saying that his wife took a golf club and smashed out the rear window to get him out.
Why would she choose to smash out the back glass to get him out of a 5-7 person SUV?
Maybe she wasnt smashing out the back glass to help him get out, maybe she was smashing out the back glass in an effort to get her point across as he was trying to leave?????

My prediction is that there was a dispute inside Camelot and Tiger was trying to jet the crib to defuse the situation when little Mrs "Why Did You Make Me Sign A Prenup" went ballistic on the fleeing SUV.

We shall see.
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