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Elaborating on previous posts:

This story, as it has been officially told so far, stinks to high Heaven. Check out this link :,0,1369881.story
Nothing about the official story makes sense, when you look at the photo in the Orlando Sentinel piece.

First of all, how did Tiger hit both the hydrant and the neighbor's tree with enough force to cause serious damage to himself and the Escalade while leaving his own driveway ? Anybody here ever do anything like that? One doesn't ordinarily go fishtailing out of control when just leaving the house on a midnight Hagen-Dazs run to the local 7-11.

Second, why was the back window of the Caddy broken out? Why not just bang one of the rear passenger windows and pop the locks? Seems a lot easier than smashing the rear windshield and crawling the length of the vehicle through broken glass (no reported injuries of any kind to Mrs. Woods) to free the driver.

Third, how and why does Tiger end up on the ground outside the car after the crash? Any nitwit knows you don't move a potentially head/neck injured person without professional help unless absolutely necessary. As a licensed care-giver before she hit the lottery, Ms. Nordgeren would surely be familiar with these procedures. Even if she wasn't, how does a 115 lb. girl wrestle 210+ lbs. of unconscious dead weight out of an SUV without so much as getting her clothes dirty?

This deal has "domestic dispute" written all over it, and then some. Seems to me that Tiger has grown tired of Swedish meatballs and has been looking for other things on the menu.
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