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Hey Jeep what is it about the 69 that makes it such an odd year for parts? Every parts listing goes up to 68. Some list the 69 seperate. And some list 69 on up. Its like the 69 is cought in the middle of some changeover in design or something.

I have a parts manual for a 69 A50 Royal star. And it has no info at all on my forks. Doesn't even show them. I have the slide valve fork. THe ones they show in the book are damper rod types.

Mine has the twin leading shoe front. But most listings dont show it as an option.

Something about the clutch cable for that year is diff also. Mine has some kind of adapter at the clutch actuator arm.

For some reason that year seems to be cought up in the middle of no mans land. Not that I havent been able to find the parts I need. It just seems to be an odd year for them.

Got my fork seals outta the holders last night. I thouth they had a snap ring holding them in. Turns out ya just gotta drive them out.
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