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Coil Questions

I'm checking the coil on an '81 XL500S. Two questions:

The Honda shop manual shows two ohm checks; first a reading between the 12-volt terminal and ground (mounting boss) -- should be .8 and mine is 1.2. Second, the ohm reading between the hi-tension (plug wire) output and ground -- should be 15K and mine is nada - no continuity at all.

Next, the plug wire shows correct resistance, but the spark plug cap has no continuity when tested alone (it unscrews from the wire & Honda wants the ohm check done without the cap). Is this normal? Is there a built-in gap within the cap?

Also, I have two identical bikes (#1 ran great before tear-down, 2 months ago, #2 unknown running condition) and BOTH coils test exactly the same.

Anyone know if these readings are somehow normal (quite a coincidence that they're the same), or can do a quick test on your bike for comparison?

I appreciate the help.

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