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Originally Posted by ol55
Good to see this thread! trying to revive my sl100k1 again. The kickstart shaft is stripped and has been drilled and welded but fixes are not working. Question - Will a '73 cb125 shaft work on my bike? The diagrams for each show some different gear and shaft #'s but also some #'s that match. Go for it?

Larry, FYI - I pulled the top end of my SL100 down yesterday. You should see this bike. It has obviously been thrashed every day of its life for the better part of 30 years and on the outside it's showing.

But I pull the heads and cylinder off, and apart from there being a fair bit of carbon build up, you'd swear it's new. There is no discernible lip in the bore, and the piston has no sign at all of blow-by. The rings look good.What an amazing little engine.

I now have to track down the culprit that has brought the compression right down. I'll keep you posted but I suspect the thing just needs a valve grind.
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