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Originally Posted by DisTech
Thanks, I've read a lot of your posts on ADV, TT & maximum-suzuki. I appreciate your input.

Point taken. I listed the TM33 because I have it already. Did some searching over at maximum-suzuki and saw lots of discussion about the FCR 37, but didn't see a good manifold solution. Any ideas?

Megacycle sells their cams along with a R/D valve spring kit with titanium tops. I'm not committed to one brand over another yet, so the more input the better. I picked megacyle over a web cam because their mild cam is a little more aggressive. Probably talk to Jesse or ProCycle for more advice.

Is this the Vortex Aluminum Airbox? Is that the same one that Jesse sells or used to sell (I can't find any current links to it)?
Yep re the airbox, there were a few other places selling them too I think (cyclegear for one). As far as I know they are no longer available. I got mine used on e-bay. Its missing the side cover, but otherwise intact and the cover is just a flat bit that should be easy to fab up.

I don't know a lot about the FCR - I didn't think about you already having the TM33SS - might as well use that for now. I know a few folks have FCR's fitted and working. Sudco sells manifolds in various sizes. It would probably be a hassle to get it all fitted up, but once done would flow better and provide a bit more percise tuning options. Only really worth doing after you've got the cam and big bore and even then you'll need to do some pretty serious head porting to match up with the larger carb bore. I think G-man on maximum-suzuki has posted up some specifics on this. I can't run the FCR as my DR's are e-start and there's physically not enough space so I haven't looked into it too closely.

I didn't realize the megacycle cam came with the Ti retainers - I imagine they work just fine. I'm still on a stock cam, though I am running the kibblewhite springs and ti retainers just to make sure there's no way I can float the valves should I get a bit frisky with a downshift at high rpms.

I don't think thumper racing still boxes the swingarms, but I haven't checked to verify. They used to sell plates that fit inside the rear C-section of the swingarm which were then TIG welded in. It wouldn't be hard to cut out such plates if you happend to gain access to a mill ( could also be done with less sophisitcated means, but a mill would make it easy).

Oh, you might as well be on the lookout for stiffer springs for the KTM forks - the Dr is quite a bit heavier than the KTM and will have even more weight on the front wheel once you put in 4+ gal of gas (that's about 26lbs I belive). Guessing about .46kg should be rougly correct. It will certainly be rideable (and probably still a lot better than stock) with the stock KTM forks so no rush there.

have fun
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