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Originally Posted by Digiamo
Can't speak for anyone else but I just retired last month.
It's one of the reasons for getting involved it this intriguing treasure hunt.

Well, I rode to the hill and saw the tower from below but could not bring myself to take the ST1100 (street tires) too far on what turned out to be wet clay and steep inclines. I even circled the hill in search of a better access but no.

This may bring the fire of some ADV riders and that's OK since I already scolded myself pretty good on the 140 mile ride home. I am no stranger to offroad on that bike. I took it up the Haul road (Dalton) to the Arctic Circle north of Fairbanks.

I assumed it was going to be dry since there was no rain that I could see but when I got there I realized there was snow in Redpowers pic. I figured it melted and created the slick surface. It was almost dusk and I made the decision to save myself some trouble picking the 650# hippo up with my 140# body.

As I was exiting the mud, I encountered about six teens (half girls) on ATV's having a blast spinning donuts and smiling at me. I was tempted to ask for a ride or better yet, if I could borrow one for the last leg to the tower. I thought better of that devious plot.

So here I am head hung in shame after a 300+ mile round trip and only the fun of the miles to show for it. I thought to myself that someone probably got to it before me anyway. Looks like that was wrong.

I am still heading to Florida next week so could someone please take the egg to a more "wheelchair" accessible spot so I can take it to points warm and south.
Hey, If you don't ask...
Enjoy the hunt.

Sorry Digiamo, I too rode over 165 miles one way to drop the egg. (I took the duck back) I got to Cairo & it started raining. Pulled over & put on my rain I climbed the mountain (still paved road) it started turning to snow. There was no way I was turning around after traveling 150+ miles now!! There really is only one real incline to worry about & going up is not a was coming down that I had to go very slow. It was slick & I noted that to everyone
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New Tag!!

And now the CLUE

Word of caution. Tower is located approx 4 miles of dirt & red clay road. It is very hard packed & was a little slick today with the weather. I made it with street tires.....just take your time if it's wet

If you look in the picture you can see the road consistency also.

Nice try Digiamo. Places like this beg re-reading the few rules, which include:

#2 Dirt is allowed; however, ... use your judgement on placing the tag to ensure that someone else will most likely come and get it...

#5 ...understand the intent of the game. Quality not Quantity.

As far as judgement goes there still seems to be some people interested in going. The tag isn't even 4 days old & you are acting like no one will go get it...Relax the egg sat in Canada how long??

And as far as Quality goes...have you ridden in that area?? It's nice country in the Catskills.
I could have posted a lame old building in NJ right off the slab & that would have been Quantity. But I guess we all have our own Ideas of "Quality"

This is ADVENTURE RIDER, not Slab Rider isn't it??

Well I hope you got to enjoy your ADVENTURE Digiamo & I'm sorry you weren't able to seal the deal. Did you take any pix at least?
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