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Originally Posted by STROMVADER
YUPPER! You don't need an M endorsement to buy a bike. Too many punk ass kids buy rockets and rip around in baseball caps and tapout shirts with no time under thier belt.
A lot of those people don't even have a license. Besides...The M license test, in this state at least, is a joke. You don't even have to do an emergency swerve for the test anymore. Most people still don't even take the test on even a mid-class standard or anything. There are places around that rent 250 Nighthawks just for people to take their test on. Then they go out and ride their 1000cc-plus behemoth sportbike or cruiser, without any other practice, tests, or training.

Starting out from a stop, or parking, is difficult? You need more practice. I do it on bikes and in stickshift vehicles that aren't mine all the time. I spend a minute or so getting used to the clutch friction zone and other controls AWAY from a public road, and then I'm good to go. Starting from a complete stop, uphill, while turning, is almost a no-brainer...and I'm no professional wunderkind or anything.
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