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Originally Posted by Pedro Navaja
Oh, and BTW, her physicality absolutely does have everything to do with her situation, and might even be the whole problem. Try this for starters Jethro (as in Bodine):

1. Slower reflex time from brain to muscle.
2. Slower reaction time from muscle to action/execution.
3. Less mental confidence from being fat (this actually effects women more than men, since men tend give-a-shit less about being a lard-ass).
4. Typically the more overweight, the weaker the abs and lower back. Which is muy importante for riding as it is the core of the body.

Now contrast that with a rider chick like nicomama. No Harley, works out, no soap-opera in the head, rides dirt and street, rides solo, self-sufficient, etc. Comprende?

Now YFF go tell Immigration to hurry and get over here to deport my ass. Finally, a way to quit paying all these fucking taxes and start smoking Cuban cigars again legally. Don't come to Costa Rica, we have long memories
holy cow dude! let it go! trophy never refered to the woman as fat that was dakez. he was the one who constantly brought up that she is a large woman. yeah you are right about reactions but mike is saying lets not prey on her because of her physical deficiencies but instead let us discuss how so many new riders are buying these large heavy poor handling touring bikes for their first bikes.
you keep making statements in espanish and so he jokingly said he would have you deported. i thought it was funny. dont be a hockey puck just enjoy!

i love costa rica and wish i was there again now!
it's hard out here for a pimp. i'm just tryin to get the money to pay the rent.

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