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Wow.... that is a pretty strange procedure, and I am really puzzled why this info doesn't seem to be anywhere, including the BMW maintenance manual.

Why doesn't it just drain down into the case when you open those screws?

I did leave the dipstick open a bit to neutralize the pressure. What I ended up doing, and I won't do it again now that I hear what you have to say, is ran the bike in very short spurts (3-5 secs), which brought most of it down to the case where it drained. I did this over the course of several hours, letting it drain between spurts. What an ordeal, I must say! But, looks like it's finally ready to receive new oil.

As far as the tube you mentioned.. is this a plastic tube I need to acquire that slides over or would I need something threaded? Also, is there a specific diameter of tube you recommend?

Once you pull that rubber cap, does it just start pouring out behind the oil reservoir or does it only begin to flow once you have a tube on/inserted ?

Thanks very much for the info. Wouldn't have guessed this was the answer to save my life.


Originally Posted by Bike#8
At the bottom back of the oil tank you'll find a hollow bolt w/rubber cap on it. Open the rubber cap, attach a hose to the bolt. Make that hose drain into a container. Open the bolt w/10mm or 12mm wrench (I forget which size). Let oil drain into container.

That is the hard way imo. I siphon the oil out of the tank w/clear tube. Or you can buy a siphon kit at the auto parts store. In any case the oil flows a lot better if it is warm. Make sure the screw in dipstick is out so you don't create a partial vacuum inside the tank.

I hope this helps.
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