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Originally Posted by DustRat6650

Wow. I spent an hour trying to read this thread (did not finish) but I still don't understand if you have to buy those brake parts or not. Most people say you do. They are $$$.

Just wondering if you do any shop work for stuff like you said your bike has.

I looked on eBay for the forks, but didn't see anything right now. How much $$$? have you spent if you don't mind me asking. Did you replace the rear shock?

I live in Corona off Green River.
Absolutely not, and although the parts look beautiful and maintain the original braking set up, it is totally unnecessary. I've been riding mine since the augmentation (early January) very, very hard. I've never had any issues on any terrain or hill, or high speed stop, water, sand nor gravel. I removed my ABS as well over a year ago and have no regrets. I have over 9000 miles on this set up and have torn it down to check all components and have witnessed no unordinary wear.

Once again, the parts are beautiful and as far as I can see, fit nice and do the job, but are totally unnecessary. Cheers to Radman for that.

I was one of the last guys in on this thread, but had my conversion done before everyone, as far as I can tell, and therefore have the most riding experience on this set up. Some of the first guys on this thread still have not completed their mods, and therefore have no basis for giving an opinion.

Sorry guys, but it's the truth.

You've seen some of the pics of some of the riding I do, and have heard others speak (write) of my riding skills and abilities. I do not treat my equipment very nicely, but whip it, beat it and kick it until it's dead. If this set up was not going to work with the stock brake system, I would've already had a failure.

If you want to spend a shit load of cash and wait for along time befoe you actually get to ride, then go the way of this thread. If you want to ride and have fun, while being completely safe and having more than enough braking power, then just buy the shit, and contact me and we'll have you up and riding in a day.

More ridey, less talky.................

I'll be out in Mojave on Sunday with the local desert FFs. I believe you're going out with Ben99R1. If so, I'll see you either at the Mojave airport or in Randsburg. You can check out my set up and ride it if you'd like.

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