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Originally Posted by notmybikemodelname
Absolutely not, and although the parts look beautiful and maintain the original braking set up, it is totally unnecessary.

therefore have the most riding experience on this set up.

If this set up was not going to work with the stock brake system, I would've already had a failure.

If you want to spend a shit load of cash and wait for along time before you actually get to ride, then go the way of this thread. If you want to ride and have fun, while being completely safe and having more than enough braking power, then just buy the shit, and contact me and we'll have you up and riding in a day.

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It seams to me that Most of those doing this conversion could go your route when they start the conversion, even if they want to do Rads parts/way as a final goal. it's just a extra wheel, caliper and rotor right?

So follow Not-my-name-is-to-long's advice and get all the parts, put them on, and Ride Your Bike. then get the axle and brake conversion parts as the become available to finish it later. I'm sure you could even make a "sensor ring" without to much trouble for your ABS, if you have it.
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