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DustRat6650 look at it this way, it's entirely up to you. What do you want to get out of the bike?

I wanted to keep the stock wheel and caliper along with the abs setup as i do a lot of road miles, most of which are in the rain as i live in the uk, where it rains all the goddamn time, it's just a little extra security. Will i fix the abs unit if it decides that life isn't worth living anymore, nope it'll get binned but while its working its staying put.

I've found the parts to do it notmybikes way on ebay for $414 delivered, thats not including bits like bearings and brake lines.

My build was around the same area at $448 but i made the axle myself, or more fittingly i got the drawing office at work to design it and a suplier to the company to make it for me for free, i just supplied the material.

Which just happened to be on the rack in the workshop

Might even be able to do that with the links for the rear suspension.

If you want a more dirt orientated machine go notmybikes route, or if your just after a front suspension upgrade while keeping the stock wheel and braking system go rads way, it's that simple.
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