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Originally Posted by Boatman
I just went back and read the posts regarding the failed attempts to retrieve Mr Egg up on the hill. I hope I didn't offend anyone with me Goldwing/bald tires comment. Dirt is my thing and I have knobbies in the KTM so when I get to the dirt it's like I'm on a RallyMoto stage.

Looks like I made the correct choice in going south, supposed toget 2-4" of snow today. Time to stud up some winter tires I guess.
Go Digiamo!!!
Hey Boatman. My eggo was only slightly brused but after retreating from the tower tag without Mr. Egg, I felt I was ready for a dig or two.
Thanks for the appology even though you didn't direct it at me.
I will be getting a more suitable offroad/tour machine such as a Wee-Strom after I break 200k miles on the ST.

For now I am glad I have the ST1100 even with her 194k miles on the clock, especially for this trip.

Let me know when you want to do the Haul road. I wouldn't mind doing it again but not on the ST a second time.

No hard feelings about the Goldwing comment. I did get a laugh as it seemed to apply at the time... to the core.

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