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Wink Lowside Motorcycle T & A

After attempting my first valve adjustment on my 950 and realizing I had much to learn, I had to borrow a truck from a friend to take my bike to a mechanic. It got me to thinking, what do people do when they need to move a bike, but don't have a truck? Or a friend with a truck? Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to introduce myself as your friend with a truck. And a winch operated 900lb capacity motorcycle lift. And enough tie downs to immobilize a Led Zep album... Rock and roll... Get it?

Lowside Motorcycle T & A is here to provide towing, transport, jumpstarts, and other assistance to the two-wheeled community of Puget Sound. No cars, no trikes, just scoots and bikes. Whether your at the side of the road broken down, or you need to take your bike in for a service, Lowside arrives prepared and takes you and your bike to where they need to go.

During these winter months, Lowside will be available for assistance calls Tuesday through Sunday, 9am-9pm and at other times by appointment. These hours will most likely change in the summer. For more information on our rates, along with photos and updates, please visit our Facebook fan page (and become a fan!) at:

We also have a website, but it is just a flash page at the moment:

Perhaps most importantly is our phone number: 206.696.1849

I'm looking forward to serving my fellow ADV riders!

-Tim "T Dog" Miller

Lowside T & A
"I go where I'm towed"
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