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Originally Posted by Toltec
Get a copy of The Roads of Texas at any bookstore. We started on page 90 titled "Gatesville". Out of Meridian took CR1035 south (I think) made a couple of random (and watery) turns, ended up back up on Hwy 22. Headed north off 22 on CR 4100, up CR 4102, back down CR4125, CR 41xx back out to 22 and into Cranfills Gap for coffee. Then north on FM 219 for paved fun, continued north on FM 1238 onto page 70 of TROT. Past Iredell we jumped off on another CR, wound around and around and around and poof! we were on Hwy 67 headed east toward Loco BBQ.

We just explored some, hit a couple of dead ends, found stuff. I think any of the CRs down that way will offer fun. Just get out the map and go. I'll PM you next chance I get to head down there.

Cool, I must spend more time down there! I went riding locally today with another friend north west of the metroplex. I think next time the weather isn't so dreary I can do the multi hundred miles down to central texas lol. Let me know when you are out there! I have to mount a new rear now, the one I have on is sub-legal and dangerously close to cording...
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