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Been in the back yard, as I just got back from Holidays, and giving the XL and the 400 a bit of a look over and a measure up.
Front will be pretty straight forward. I will need to build a new stem and bearing carriers.

On the back it will be a big effort to get the Pro-link rear end on it with out butchering the frame. Maybe just butcher it. I will pull the remnants of the engine out and get to see the frame clearly and work out the bracketry.

So a mini poll if you will indulge me.

Should I paint the 400's frame and what colour???

Black - Its a scrapheap bike, dont bother

White - Factory Dakar bike colour, not sure which factory

Red - Scientifically proven that it will go faster

Blue - Cause it will look okay and annoy the Yammie guy's

Rainbow - Cause I love trees and whales
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