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Glad to see that you didn't break anything you needed. ;)

Random thoughts during my late lunch.......

Everybody needs to get their bikes in good shape because , as most of you pros already know, Central Texas sunny winter days are just about the best time to ride our caliche and gravel roads. Good riding days just kind of show up and planning too far in advance leads to cancellations. Summer is a bitch and spring and fall are usually what? 2-3 days each? The KiLleR is almost due for a set and the Big Ugly is past due for a rear so mostly I'm just talking about myself (and about half the rest of y'all ).

For two weekend rides in a row I have just set out and explored some nearby dirt roads somewhat willy-nilly (i.e. no idea where I was going till I got there, and usually not then). Never got more than an hour (maybe hour and a half) from home by highway and literally had 1/2 to 2/3 day fun right here in our own backyard. You can't get THAT lost and as long as everybody rides within their comfort zone and has the good sense to turn around if something is above their skill level , I can't think of a better way to spend a day. If you do ride with a group you don't know - if it's too hairy or not hairy enough for you, wave g'bye and leave. No hard feelings. There is no great commitment and certainly not enough to be bored and dang sure not enough to get hurt.

Granted our twisties aren't 3 sisters or 3 stooges or Lajitas to Presidio on 170 or Push Mountain or the BRP or Lake City to Creed or AZ 191 (wait, damn .........I'm losing focus) but they are right here and you can do them without a missed day from work, or even ON a missed day from work.

So....if anybody finds themselves with a sunny day coming up and wants to ride some back-road pavement and dual-sport dirt, and wouldn't mind somebody else along, just post up a meeting spot. Who knows? Somebody might want to ride, too. I'd suggest maybe giving them a clue about how you wish to ride (fast, slow, rough, stupid, parade, Deathwish) but I guess that's all relative. ;)

Thanks to Ghost for staring the thread. Let's take advantage of it.
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