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Originally Posted by ghostrider1964
Welcome Aboard Redleader! Metroplex might be nice to visit but would hate to live there (I used too, so I can say that) Seems like the boys from Austin have dropped interest for here. We just want to ride...Slowoldguy and the others held true to the creed on Sunday We will ride again. Figure I need at least a week to let these ribs heal up, friend of mine cracked a joke at lunch and thought I was gonna die when I laughed Stay tuned for the next episode

I'd guess that the Austineers have plenty of good stuff to ride right in their back yard so....maybe not quite as interested in commuting to a ride farther north......But....some of them,like me...have probably memorized most of the good stuff by riding it so much & might want a change now & then.I'm the same way about some of the roads around here at times...& have to expand my horizions.That's why I've started to venture off the pavement more & more....Kinda fills in the gaps in my maps.
Really wish I wouldn'ta missed Sunday's wash job & sure you're feelin the same.
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