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Originally Posted by ztsd
OK you XR650R Dual Sport Adventurers! Iím trying to put together a group buy for a custom made triple clamp that uses the CRF450 rubber mounts and ALSO has mounts for a SUB mount damper for our XR650Rs.

This should greatly reduce the handlebar vibration and shock impact. Also, it should be a LOT better for any electronics (GPS, digital speedometers) you want to run on the bike.

Iím looking at getting the triple clamp and SUB mount ONLY. This gives a lot of possibilities. You get rubber-mounted bars right away. Guys that already have a damper can use what they have. Guys that donít want a damper right a way can hold off and get it later. If you already have the SUB damper, you can upgrade to rubber-mounted bars and eBay the old stuff.

I donít have any prices right now but I think we will get a real good deal compared to whatís available right now WITHOUT rubber-mounted bars. BE ADVISED that the buy will not be for awhile, probably a month or soÖ

THIS MAY BE A ONE SHOT DEAL! NO ONE MAKES A RUBBER-MOUNTED HANDLEBAR SETUP FOR THE XR650R!!! Iíve written to all the companies that do SUB mounts and they all said they would NOT do a rubber-mounted version for the XR650R!!!

If you have any interest, please let me know now, you MAY NOT get a second shot at this once the order has been placed.

Tom Doherty
It seems the post ended pretty abruptly.. What ever happened with the set up.. Late to the game but, very interested..
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