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Originally Posted by Digiamo
Hi all, Mr. Egg here. I was just cleaning up all the finger marks and while in the bathroom mirror I got a little emotional. Looking at all your names written all over my shell, I started to miss you guys.
There they are, CycleJohn, Madmaximum, Whizzerwheel, Hackhawk, EvilClown,UPST8, Redpower, Amadviking, 02Tac, Wreckchecker, Uleluze, Z1Krob, ST-Ranger, tooslow4u, T.F.M, Opaulo, Boatman.
You guys still have a place in my heart.
I wonder how much of Mr. Egg is going to be left when the players in the rest of the continent finish gouging out their names on him? Will he become Mr. Crumbles?

(Not complaining - I just didn't have anything good with me to chisel "Squidmark" into him back in July. )

Keep up the good work, folks!
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