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Sounds like a good idea.....BUT.......some dumbass stole the tag token for the GA Tag and some other dumbass stole the one for the North GA Tag. Now IIRC the dumbasses were trying to do something cute with the tokens, but damn...they took them out of circulation. AND I think the same thing happened with a Tag going on in the Atlanta area.
How many times has the token for THIS Tag changed? I know it was a chicken when I grabbed it up on Lookout Mtn earlier this year. I'd hate to see all kinds of effort being put into this thing and then it disappearing overnite.
If the token (egg) can be preserved (you know we eat those pickled eggs in GA...) it would be a good thing, but I wouldn't bet all my chips on that happening. ( Is that counting your eggs before they hatch or more like putting all your eggs in one basket? )

Keep up the good work all you taggers.
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