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You probably know that the IRS people have really been cracking down on ex-pats not paying income taxes Super-Suz as this has been on tv recently. In this electronic age it is pretty hard to hide unless you use cash for everything. If you NEVER plan on coming home again you might get away with this, but as soon as you set foot back in the USA you are tax delinquent for not filing and they are after you. You have goods with no income? Not possible. You just became a felon for not filing 1040s and paying.

That leaves you with what you can do legally. Legally you can sell your property and go perm RV. This keeps you from paying property taxes to any state legally but you still have to pay income taxes on money from US. This savings is no small thing. For instance I pay a perm $200 fee on an RV plate. In exchange I save $3600/yr in property taxes and gain mobility to go where I want.Add that $$$$ savings up for 5 yrs. and it buys you a nice new bike every 5 yrs!

You could renounce your citizenship but then your declared country expects taxes so that doesn't get you free either. So the game is just to reduce taxes not eliminate them. Taxes and death are certainties.

Oh ....and RiverRat Besides Costa Rica and Panama you described Somalia. It's not all about the weather and riding...
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