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Originally Posted by jpalamar
Bummer, so the casual remark made by sales manager turns out to be more than casual! G

A BMW buddy of mine who frequents many of the websites seems to think the interest in the Duc MS 1200 much higher among BMW owners than Duc owners?
Your buddy may well be right. I've been getting that same impression myself.

If so, then Mother Duc has accomplished exactly what they set out to do. This Multi has been promoted as major competition for the GS's all along.

I don't know if it can go head to head with a farkled-out GS in the back country - probably not - but for everything else, which is what most owners will generally end up doing with either bike, I'd say that they're at least equal and in most cases better.

If the Multis end up with no major design, mechanical, QC or reliability issues that Ducati just denies and continues to build into the bike year after year, then the Beemerco's got a BIG problem, IMO.
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