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Originally Posted by G2mk3
yeah, it might help to have it good and hot as it might make the plastic slide soften a little and bend easier. in my case the spring just couldn't do it. if you don't want to spend any money you could try taking it all apart and bending the spring... but it could fatigue and crack.
I was going to fix the bike up for my Father in Law, but with as much time as I've spent on it to date. I'm really just getting over fixing it up for him.

Runs great starts up in one to 3 kicks, but has throttle lag when you gun it. Bike just boggs out and dies, you really have to ease into the throttle to go anywhere. Research I have done said it was the timing. I've been threw the carb about 12 times and everything seems to be doing well.

Just frustrating to have to pull the hole case off to replace a spring. Rather just sell the dam thing and call it even.
2001 Suzuki DR-Z400S
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