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969...... In Michigan we have a $200 fee for a lisc plate that is a permanent plate for a 2500lb+ trailer, for as long as you own THAT TRAILER. Less than 2500lbs.(cargo trailers) are $75 permanent. Long as you keep them that is all you ever pay. A good deal....but MI RV dealers hated it as they said it kept people from buying new trailers. I have the same 30ft. that I bought in 02.

We pay horrendous property taxes in MI so that $3600/yr. is not out of line up here. It represents to a large degree, local school funding, which was moved from state to local funding by the state about 10 yrs ago. So you see an RVer can avoid huge local taxes and, because I am a state employee retiree I pay no state income tax as well, no matter what state I am actually in. A pretty good gig. Can't avoid federal taxes are stuck with those.

Best part though... if you hate your neighbors then hitch up and go.

Worst part... I feel the need for a big garage at times.
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