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More thoughts

We pay horrendous property taxes in MI so that $3600/yr
This is what we pay in WI too. Another thought would be to rent out your house after getting rid of most of your stuff. That way, you can enjoy your RV/Extended el cheapo vacation life until you decide otherwise. IMO - it gives the freedom of choice, which is what I think the goal is here (chose which place to stay, how long, as cheap as possible). Using a management company makes things pretty easy, even though it cuts into your income.

This gives you a location to put on your taxes, if nothing else. Might make things easier to try for awhile without having to change your Drivers License and license plates to each new place you live if you are there for more than 30 days as a primary residence.

I suppose you could always buy one of those $150 homes in Detroit and use that as your primary residence. Maybe better off in a state without income tax. These states are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming (I had to Wiki it).
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