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Originally Posted by Super Suz
Wow, I could live in an decent sized RV very comfortably for years, I think. I could save tons of money and I love saving money. It will not be much of a change from my comfortable SF studio apartment I used to live in.

But I need air conditioning, a heater, and .... insurance
With an RV you'll want to find an inexpensive state to register it in if you want to go CHEAP. AZ, CA are not cheap for RVs. Also you'll want to claim residence in a tax friendly state depending on your income.

I'm thinking about a 30-34' Class A gas rv. Parking it legally on long term BLM land isn't much money. Since you're boondocking you'll need to ration use of water, generator, and propane.

I ride up and chat with the snowbirds/wanderers and many of them are very willing to share their experience being full timers. Every one I've talked with is happy not to be tied to a traditional house. If they don't like their neighbors you just move!
QE infinity not looking so good ....

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