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Costa Rica, 7 Days, 2-up on a DR 650

Whadda ya's my 25th wedding anniversary. I Don't know how or when that happened...but it did. At this stage of a marriage, a couple is supposed to do something to recognize this milemarker, I'm told.
So after considering the usual...a luv tub in the Pocono's...not, a cruise to the, the Eiffel Tower in December...ahh..never.
My wife's a pretty good sport, and smart to boot...she suggests a motorcycle ride in Costa Rica...yah, I'm good with that.

So since we knew nothing about how to do this, I started a thread in the Latin America Regional Forum. Information flooded rental, places to stay, high points to see, general route...soon we were ready, prepared and on the way.
We decided to kind of plan our route as we went based on a general idea of what we knew we wanted to see. I really dislike an itinerary when I'm on vacation, and prefer ending up wherever I end up at the end of the day.
So here goes:

Whizzerwife (the brains of the operation) aka Carla, at the Manchester airport:

this is me, aka David (the braun of the operation)

As you can see we travel light. Since we'll be two-up on a DR650 as stated before....everything we would need for a week needed to fit into one dry bag and a small backpack that Carla would carry on her back. The extra dry bag held our motorcycle gear, which we would leave at the rental place. Wild-Rider, by the way, is the place we rented the motorcycle from and which was mostly recommended by others that had done this trip before. They proved to be extremely helpful in many ways...route recommendations, places to stay on the way to and from the airport and lots of other practical local advice.

We arrived late at night and went directly to the hotel... after an eye opening ride in a taxi from the airport to downtown San Jose more on that later.

Most hotels in Costa provide breakfast as part of the cost. Our first hotel was ok...adequate and clean. We were very tired so it didn't really matter too much anyways. If it's got a decent shower and a reasonably comfortable bed...I'm good with it usually. Camping is always a possibility for me, and Carla, but it just didn't seem practical for this trip, hotels were pretty reasonable and available at both ends of the price scale.

A couple of shots of our first hotel in the morning, and the San Jose skyline:

The rooftop breakfast

The goods

the actual room

So we had breakfast and then walked up to Wild-Rider where we would get the motorcycle...the trip begins

Thorsten...the proprietor and general good guy

Me packing up the DR and getting ready to face San Jose traffic. I actually took a dry run without the bags and wife, to get a feel for the bike before

Let me tell you about San Jose traffic....I don't have any pictures of the actual event since Carla (who was in charge of moving pics) was hanging on for dear life. No kidding...the traffic is four lanes of heavy truck, bus, car and motorcycle humanity condensed into half the space one would normally expect. There are no rules for motorcycles except you must pass on the right, left, lane split, up the breakdown lane, in the grass in the median, wherever and whenever you can it. I really don't think there is anything like it anywhere in North America.
I saw at least six accidents on the side of the road in ten miles.
As we got further away from the city, the traffic got less and less.

We went northwest out of San Jose to a town called Zarcero... this is where Thorsten told us we would take a right turn after the park and head up into the mountains

Here are a few Park and town photos


Christmas is big here

The church at the center of town with the park in front of it

Citizens are asleep, and the media plays a bedtime story.
Costa Rica, Two Up:
A Weekend Bagel Tour:
WR's in NH and Maine:
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