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ok so as of today the stock footpegs went on both the

'xl600 mods to be done' list and also the 'hitlist'.

i nearly dropped the bike at an intersection today when my foot got caught on the inside edge of the right peg, i got it free in time to stop the bike from falling completely over but i already had my knee out and hand out to soften the blow. so the damage to my pride infront of all the cars was already done because i looked like an ABSOLUTE FLIPPING IDIOT.......this is even after i defended them to everyone changing them for KLR pegs.

luckily the bike is so light that i easily pushed me and the bike back up with one leg and dumped the clutch to regain at least SOME street cred. i would like to have seen the same thing happen to a harley or bmw-dial-a-tractor. ka-CHUNK!
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