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Building a DR650 Adventure...

While returning from my Across-Canada tour this summer on my trusty old BMW R100GS PD, i came to a painful realization that it was time to move on. After all, my bike had over 200k km on it, was big, heavy and not that great on gas. Off-road was both difficult an awkward, a lesson i learned in the Andes mountains last spring when i bit off more than i could chew. Now understand, this was a difficult task. This bike has been with me for the last 5 years, hand built and customized by yours truly We traveled together through mountains, jungles and deserts, all points in between my home of Vancouver, BC and Lima, Peru, her final destination in S. America before getting shipped back home and touring Canada. She now belongs to another proud owner, and i hope he treats her well and gives her all the love and attention she deserves. She will surely be missed [IMG][/IMG]
As you can see, i installed a WP 4860 front fork to the BMW. This was no easy task and involved a steep learning curve, which i hope will make my next project that much easier... well, my fingers are crossed anyways.
The Beemer needed a new triple clamp due to clearance issues with stock KTM clamps. Because the only one available from HPN was stupid amounts of money, i decided to make my own, which i machined from billet aluminum.
Although i'm quite proud of my endevor, i must admit i did fuck up. The holes were machined too close together which gave me major problems regarding brake caliper clearance. Custom spacers, were made, calipers were machined and In the end the wheel was never perfect with an off-set of about 8mm. This was never a problem over the more than 70k km i put on the bike since installing the front end, but was always in the back of my mind. This time i'll get it right.
When i titled this thread DR650 Adventure, what a meant was a KTM/Suzuki hybrid. A DR bike with a complete 640 Adventure front end. Should be pretty cool, huh?
Okay, so lets get this started. Back in August i started looking for a later model bike for a decent price. I found one in nearby Nanaimo and quickly made a deal. They really don't come up for sale used that often, a good sign i guess.
I rode the bike for the rest of September and most of October before parking it for the winter. The truth is, my commute to work is so short, it doesn't warrant putting on gobs of gear every morning for only a 7 minute ride. This was a great opportunity to start ordering some stuff. Can you say shopping!?!
Here is the list so far:
FMF pipe (thanx Bgunn!)
KTM 640 Adventure mask (Thanx SpringOly!)
Complete KTM 640 Adv. front end (thanx Blueillusion10!)
Corbin seat (Thanx Desert-Blaster!)
Triple Clamp (Thanx R.Markus!)
KTM Adv. lights and frame (Thanx Renazco!)
Adv. dash (thanx Eggmanj!)
Front rally fender (Thanx Brands46!)
And the list goes on from other vendors like DualStar, Pro-Cycle, Keintech, Cogent Dynamics, Aqualine Australia, Steel Pony and Advanced Motorcycle Products (engine guards) This is just the beginning and there will be more to come, so if i forgot somebody, patience Grasshopper, your time will come .
And to all of you fellow inmates who sold me all their shit, you guy's are fucking AWESOME!! I love you all! I have never been ripped off by anyone from ADVrider and in return will never rip off one of my bike-whore brothers. Without you projects like these are next to impossible! Oh, and before i forget, to the few of you who refused to ship anything to Canada (You know who you are ) i would just like to give you a warm, heart felt .There, i feel better now!
Okay, back to business. My goal here is to match up a KTM640 front end to a DR650 with an Aqualine Safari tank. This will look something like this:
Just a rough idea of how it will fit together, really not bad at all. Now, the forks:
[IMG][/IMG]Although the 640 forks have a lot more travel, they are only 3/4" longer than the stock, measured from the axel. This is all good news!
The triple clamps are actually pretty close also. After pressing out the pind and doing some careful measuring, i discovered that it was possible to machine the larger DR pin down 0.0095" for it to press fit into the bottom clamp. Nice!
This was all really good news as it meant that i could use the DR's bearing adjustment system. Now, the top clamp was a different story, with the hole being much larger than on the DR's pin. This only required a bushing which i machined out of aluminum and pressed on, using the hot/cold method.
And there you have it! KTM 640 Adventure triple clamp with the Suzuki pin. The machining took me about 20 minutes in total and was a very simple process. It fits well on the bike but had to be removed so i could finnish my work. First off, i need some steering stops to keep the clamp from hitting the tank. I think just a couple of bolts here will do. Also, after looking at the key on the DR clamp i realised that the keys are placed in more or less the same position. Cool! i managed to drill out the safety pins and use a Torx wrench to remove the key and tried it.
The hole pattern is pretty close! all i need to do is oversize the holes about a mm. each and then shave off a few mm. of aluminum from the clamp to make it fit. This is awesome!
As for the fairing frame, this will require a little bit of welding, not a big deal. I built a bracket from a piece if 1 1/4 square tubing cut to size and re-enforced inside to resist crushing when the bolts are tightened down. This will be welded directly to the steering head. Thanx to Macuser and his thread: for the added inspiration.
Okay guy's, thats all for now. I will be returning to the project in the next few weeks and hope to finnish it for early January for a three month trip to Mexico! There will be more to come as i will be documenting the entire build.
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