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Tonight i made some head-way and bolted on the front end and front wheel to get a better idea of how things fit together. I must say, i'm quite pleased with myself
I am a little concerned with the fact that in stock form, the pin comes up a little bit short, only utilizing half of the retaining rings threads. I'm sure it will be fine, but if i was to do this mod again in the future. i would machine the bottom of the lower triple clamp so that the pin can sit a few mm. deeper, resulting in more threads for the retaining ring.
As it turns out, the clamp bolts up just fine, as one would expect from working on a stock bike. Very nice
And with the new wheel.
So far, so good! I removed the top clamp and will try to sneak onto the milling machine tomorrow and get the key fitting in place. Maybe i can utilize the steering lock, that would be a pleasant surprise!
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