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MCP...I remember you from the L.A. thread. If the weather is good, I personally like the mountains the best. Most fun riding. My only minor regret is not having enough time to do the "pass of death" The road that leads from Dominical which is south of Quepos, back up into the mountains... 11,000' to San jose. We were gonna do it, but didn't have enough time to get back if we did. Thorsten will point out some nice areas there, which we never got to. But aside from that, the Monteverde area was a place I could spend more time.

Christmas is a busy time there I'm told, it will certainly be harder to find places to stay, but I would run this by Thorsten and get his opinion. It would be too bad to have to be somewhere every night.

Originally Posted by MCP
I'm off to CR on the 23rd, two up, and I've booked with Wild Rider. Our route will cover some of the same territory so the report was really helpful.

A couple questions:

1) Any one place (area) you were at where you wish you had the time to spend another day?

2) Accomodation - we are there over Christmas, so it could be busy and I haven't made a booking except the arrival departure days; did you have any problems getting a room?

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