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OK TURKEY, LETS TALK TURKEY! Heres how I see the situation.
1) I just got me a new GSA
2) You make Parts I want for my GSA
3) You got me into this bloody mess in 2005 when you showed me those Darn pictures of Inuvik.
4) I dont have any money cause its Christmas and did I mention I just got a new GSA!?
5) We've been buddies since 1981
6) If it wasnt for me, you would have never met your wife (hope that one doesnt backfire on me )
7) I'm fairly confident that if I was to start a Poll, all the inmates here would surely agree, given all that has been identified above, that you should give me a deal like has never been offered up here before. And pay the Postage as well.
Now, don't make me start a Poll in say, GSPOT or somewhere real busy. Please don't make me shame you into good good deal.
Did I mention, I love you man!
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