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Day 4

So there was a fair bit of rain overnight and so day 4 saw me packing a wet(ish) tent and leaving Dunkeld at a leisurely pace..

I had about 4 hours to get up to the "Giant Panda" by noon..

Decided i'd take the left hand side up to Horsham and see if i could get some 'rubber pants' incase there was more rain about..

dirt road up/out to Cavendish

stopped in at Cavendish for a pie n coke breakfast (hmm, must have had more than 1 'knock-off drink last night )

while sitting on the front step of the general store, an old guy on a guzzi pulled up (and another bloke on an (?) old kwaka (perhaps)) chatting for a good half hour, turns out he's the 'president' (or somethin like that) of a bike club thats putting on a rally a couple of weeks later (Fish Hole? something like that, down Portland way)

Anyway, they are heading up 50 or so kms to put a flyer in at a machinery museum.. the 3 of us tear off up the bitumin for a great half hour ride..

was nice riding with some others for a bit

i leave them and get to Horsham,

I leave the 'rubber pants' with the guy in the camping shop who wants $280 buck for them..

refuel and am just about to jump on the bike when a (slower ) grey F800GS rolls in with a pillion..

Have a bit of chat to him about bikes (might be on here, just came back from a central Oz trip)..

Anyway, left him and his missus to fang it down to Dunkeld for lunch, i fanged it east along the highway and met the lads (10 mins late ) at the "Giant Panda"..

horrid lookin thing (panda that is...not me! )

(even that little kid on the left is obviously terrified of it and cant get away fast enough )

So, sitting around chatting for too long, Paul said he needed fuel (thought he'd be able to get some here..nope)

So, we fang it back along the highway the 50km to the servo i just left.....

refuel, and fang it back east along the highway (my spot tracker must have looked like i was playing tenis by now...)

Turned off and headed for Halls Gapp via Zumsteins, Wartook etc on the bitumin (to keep the Harley clean )

stopped at a few lookouts on the way

and just enjoyed the 3 bike convoy down the twisties to Halls Gap,

Checked in to the Caravan park, then Phil (Philmeup) and I went for a dirt spin around Lake Wartook and let the Harley play on the bitumen..

We met up with the Harley again, walked out to the Pub.. (who in their right mind puts a pub 2 km out of town....!!! )
Thought we'd gone the wrong way... but conversation was good (and we still had a traveller left ) so kept walkin thru the darknes, finally found the place... had a big feed, one beer then they shut... got a six-pack for the hike back to town and crashed out in our cabin for the night...

end of day 4..

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