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Originally Posted by jeep44
What I don't like about the Maglites is the tendency for the batteries to swell and leak,especially if left in a cold car. This isn't really the fault of the flashlight,but irritating anyway. I just managed to save an LED flashlight that uses 2 C batteries that I keep in my truck-the batteries swelled up in that one,and I had to punch them out -now I keep it in the truck with the batteries seperate. I have not seen AA batteries do this,however.
I had the same situation with my AA maglite. My situation was different. The flashlight never seemed to get cold-rather got hot. It stopped working one day, I pulled it apart and the batteries had corroded and leaked all inside the flashlight. Into the garbage it went. My 3 cell next to me has been in weather down to 0 with no swelling.

I guess I dont' know much about batteries etc and have never heard of the cold issue.

This thread caused me to pick up two new brackets to install in each car and on the wall.
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