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Originally Posted by MeterPig
I sense some dislike over the maglites. Not quite sure why. Bullet proof, upgradeable xenon bulb, doubles as, um, a hammer and is really unable to be lost.

OK... so it's not just me..

I think it is because they are the KLR of flashlights; cheap, generally indestructible, good reputation for quality and durability, available everywhere and popular:

They haven't really changed in a couple decades... not that that is always a bad thing, but this is America and generally things that don't change or at least keep up technologically tend to fall by the wayside...

Just look at this product line... for a company that has had this much success, I'm surprised this is the extent of their offerings:

Yup... 8 flashlights..... let me say that again..... 8 flashlights.... that's it... and all are basically of the same design... I'm 33 and I can't remember them being any different than they are today...

It seems like they could have long ago started diversifying into the specialty sub markets like many of the premium manufacturers represented in the many other posts in this thread... I mean how many light makers are truly a household name like Maglite... shoot even my mom knows what a Maglite is... they must have a serious cash cow on their hands with the current line up.... but they don't have anything like the diversity of some of the other makers...

I still like mine, so I guess it is fine that they haven't changed... (I still like some good bourbons that haven't been changed in a century or so...) but I can see why people that talk about such things would be a bit disappointed in Maglite's popularity...
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